Monday, August 31, 2009


Thanks for all of your tips on the garage sale. I think it was a success. I will be putting all the money we earned in a savings account for the little guy. I have to say that it was exhausting though. I don't even remember being that tired. My mom came up to help, but we stayed up way to late and had to get up way too early. In the end we were dog tired and really glad it was over.

The random winner is....

*reyanna klein* said...

Sounds great! I did this same thing for my LSS's garage sale, and I made some good money! Good luck!

Congratulations! Email me at with your address, so I can get you something fun.

Again, thanks for helping me out girls.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to work and a request for help...

Officially, I started back to work today. All day training in something that I will never use. It was a good training I think, but it was designed for teachers to teach reading, and I don't do that. Well, not in that way. Kinda frustrating, but it was probably good for me to understand what they will be doing. I just wish I could have spent my day cleaning and organizing my office or in a training that was applicable.

I have another training tomorrow, so maybe that one will be a more efficient use of my time. At least there aren't any kids yet. Not until next week. That is when it gets crazy for me! I already miss Summer. laugh.

As far as the scrappy stuff, I don't have any for you today. I am actually up to my ears in garage sale stuff. We, well I should say I, am having a garage sale this weekend. I am loving the feeling of getting rid of lots of stuff. I can't wait to rid our house of excess stuff. I am actually going through some of my scrappy stuff too. I am thinking of doing bags of scrappy stuff for $5.00 a piece. I am thinking I will put around 25.00 to 30.00 dollars worth of stuff in each bag. What do you think?

Hey, since I am purging.... Let me know if you think that is a good price. If you would pay it, or what you recommend, and I will pick a lucky random person to receive a little something. Just let me know by Friday, so I can price this stuff to go!

Hmmm... since I am crazy busy this week... I will draw on Monday, August 31st.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Finally some layouts...

So, it has been a while since I have put some layouts up. Honestly, I have been so dang busy! I can't believe that Summer is nearly over and that I will be going back to work in just a few days. Oh, well.... it was a great Summer.

It turns out that I did get to go back to that job that I wanted, just not in the capacity that I wanted. I will be staying and working for the School District, but I will also be working with Early Intervention too, so I am thinking that maybe this is a blessing in disguise, and I really get the best of both worlds. I am happy with the way it worked out for me... talk to me in a few months and see if I still feel the same... I may be up to my eyeballs in work! Laugh.

Matteo is driving me crazy though, so maybe it is a good thing that Summer is over. I don't know how SAHM's do it... honestly. I so need a break. Man he is exhausting! I really think he needs a break from me too. He is really beginning to not be very nice to his Mommy. He is great with everyone else, but man he is a monster to me. I keep telling myself that this is NORMAL... It is right?

Anyway, enough of the ramblings... I do have a few layouts for you. The first two are layouts that I did for a class last month. I should have had them up earlier, but it just didn't happen.

For this one, I used BoBunny paper. I haven't gotten the pictures in it yet, but I did want to get it up here before I taught my next class. Which is tomorrow, so here it is.

I have some really cute photo's of Matteo in his swim trunks that will go in this one.

This next one is obviously a holiday layout. I absolutely love the Fourth of July. It is so mellow for us. We always go to Tahoe, which is one of my favorite places on Earth... swear! It is just so beautiful and the weather is great. Tons of stuff to do. Sometimes, I think I take it for granted because it is just in my backyard.

I used Best Creations mostly in this layout. I actually really only used one sheet of patterned paper to make all of the embellishments for it too. I love to see how far I can stretch a piece of paper.
Here is a close up of the bow. I cut out a heart from the patterned paper to make an old pin match the layout and stuck it through the bow.

For the class tomorrow, I have this one. I used Glimmer Mists to create the background, which was really fun. It does make the paper curl a bit, but I figured that once it is in a page protector, it should be fine. For the papers, I used mostly Making Memories Great Escape line.

And some details... I love these Making Memories stamps!

These photos are from a weekend at my parents house. They live in this quaint little town where you can leave your doors unlocked and your neighbor notices if your flowers need a drink... and then comes over to give them one. Great place. This weekend was Rodeo Weekend, so there was a parade, fair, and rodeo. A good time was had by all.

This second one features K & Co. I love their stuff. I used some photos from out weekend at Grammy Goonie's and Papa George's on this layout as well. Matteo LOVES the water... just in case you couldn't tell. Laugh.

This big ampersand stamp is probably one of my favorites by Technique Tuesday. I have used it tons! (but, I don't think it is still available)

And this one is just for fun. I have begun to do single page layouts (which I never have in the past), but I am finding that I actually like them. Sounds crazy hu? I think it is because I have finally figured out how to re size my photo's at home and I can print them here. This makes a world of difference for me.

For this one, I used the July kit from Studio Calico. It is about my little man and his blanket... aka "Two".

It is amazing how one little piece of fabric can make this boy so happy!

Wow that was a long post... for me. Well, I have a few others for you, but it is getting late and I want to get some scrapping done. So those will have to wait till next time.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...

The title says it all... besides the fact that he has the best Papa ever!

And yes, I totally hyped this idea from Kelly Noel. Love her stuff! I think I may have to keep this idea around!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rib bit Rib bit says our Little Friend....

August already! Wow times flies when you are having a good summer off of work. I can barely believe that my dear hubby will be going back to work in just 1 more day. Makes me sad. It has been so nice to wake up next to him in the morning and fall asleep with him every night. I am really going to miss that. At least I will be able to do more scrappy stuff... don't know if that is really worth the price though. I haven't done much scrappy stuff this last month because he has been home and we have been gone so much, and I do miss it, but still...

Okay, enough of that... So, yesterday we were going to go to the lake, but instead we just hung out and really did nothing. I know so exciting hu? Matteo is about to kill me with this whole potty training thing. It is really tough. I keep telling myself... it just takes time, but SERIOUSLY! I am beginning to think that he is getting worse, not better. And I know he is afraid to poop on the potty! So, I guess we keep trying... and keep doing the laundry.

Any who, so last night as I am getting things ready, as we are now going to the lake today... I hear my hubby call me from outside, "Come here quick!" I think, okay, Matteo is playing "hide and go poop" and he thinks it's funny. What I got was this little visitor...

I have no idea how he got in our backyard. Maybe he was someones pet, and just got away... I don't know. The thing is that I did NOT want him to stay in our backyard. So, we decided to catch him and take him to a local park where there is a river and a pond and let him go. Hubby caught him and put him in this bucket. Matteo loved him... in the bucket.

He repeatedly said, "Rib bit Rib bit Fwoggy" while patting his leg as if he was calling a dog. Man he can be cute sometimes.

So, we take him to the park and the boys dump him on the grass.

He doesn't look to happy about this....

Maybe, it is Matteo's little extra nudge that he didn't like so much.

Finally, with a bit of help, he made it into the lake. Well, just to the edge, but at least he is not in my backyard. (You can barely see him. He is right in front of Matteo's hands on the bottom ledge. He looks like a rock there, but you can see the yellow strip down his back.)

Well, we are off to the lake. I have a layout for you too, but I will have to get it up when we get back... that's all the time I have this morning. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.