Monday, September 15, 2008

Looky Looky...

No scrapping for me today. I get to see my dh tonight, as he is off. We now only have Monday evenings together due to work schedules, and I have to say, I hate it! So, this will be short. Some good news... Looky what I won!

I won it from Ali Edward's blog. It is a free kit from Freehand Scraps! How awesome is that! Made my day! Thanks Ali and Freehand! Can't wait to see it in person.

That's all for today, I think we are going to watch some football and go for a walk. Thanks for checking in.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hi, It's me...

Okay, so I know it has been a while, but here I am! I am hating this computer right now, so this may have to be a little short. My DH uploaded a "new" version of some computer program, and I have to say... I HATE IT! He has had to go back on and change it several times. It is totally messing with me! Okay, rant over!

So here is what I have been working on in the scrappy sense. I made this card for my in-laws, because they are absolutely amazing to us. My mother and father in laws come to my rescue when ever I ask them to, even sometimes when I don't ask. They just seem to know when I need a break. This past week, my sweet MIL called me up and asked if I wanted to go to a crop on Friday, because she thought I had been working so much. How does she know that I needed that? I don't know, but she did. So anyway, I made this card for them.

This card was like the ones that Jennifer McGuire has on her blog. I loved the design, so I lifted it. So stinking cute. I love her stuff. I would have to say that I am totally addicted to her right now!

Here is the third layout for the class that I teach at Atelier. It is all about Family. I love it when I get to use flowers and glitter on pages that have my boys in them too. The other two layouts are on the previous entry.
So, some very sad news has come my way. A extremely talented and sweet gal that I "know" through Studio Calico has passed. A horrible and devastating accident has taken her from us all too soon. Miss Aleida Franklin. . . You will be missed. . .

So, no matter how mad you are with your loved ones, no matter how pushed you are for time, no matter how cheesy they think you are. . . hug them tight and tell them you love them. Life is so precious and fragile. . . it is a gift that can be taken from us at any minute.

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Busy bee...

Hopefully things will calm down around here after this week. I have been so super busy! I scrapped the popcorn off the ceiling on Friday night... up till 2:00am and back up at 7:30am with the little guy! Then Saturday, I was supposed to go to the crop at my LSS, but it was cancelled. So, I went to a play date with Matteo and his cousins. Then I scrapped until 1:30am. I had to finish my Circle Journal for Studio Calico . I have pictures for you. Here are a few sneaks.

Then I needed to finish the layouts for my upcoming class in September. I teach a little boy class at Atelier, one of our LSS. I do 3 double page layouts each month. Here are 2 of them. I am still working on the third.

This is a fall layout. There will be a bigger picture in the left hand side, but I haven't printed it yet. The stitching on this layout was so much fun. I hadn't use multiple colors before, and I really like how it turned out.

For this one, I use some older pictures of Matteo that I had saved. These were the first pictures that I looked at and thought, Oh my, he looks like a little man. It is happening so fast.

Then Sunday, I was up around 7:00am with my monkey again. He somehow got splinters in his toes, and my MIL and I tried to get them out. We couldn't. It looks so painful, but he doesn't seem to mind. I hope they just work their way out and don't get infected.

Then we went to my Nephew's birthday party. The whole family was there. And can you believe it... I didn't take one picture! What is wrong with me? I am having a very hard time with taking pictures lately. I have really been enjoying the moment lately and not getting so wrapped up in the photography, but I think I may be missing some good stuff.

Anyway, I tonight we have another birthday party to go to, for another nephew. Then I have to come home and finish that third layout. So, I am off to wrap the gift, do some laundry, and clean up the play room! I will check in again soon. I know I have been neglecting my blog, and I really do love it! Thanks for looking.