Monday, May 25, 2009

Remember, Always Remember...

Remember the men and women... and what they fought for. 

Take a moment to see the mark these men and women left on this earth. Don't ever take it for granted. Remember them and honor them. 

Saturday, May 23, 2009


When I was little, I loved hanging out with my cousins, and I have a ton of them. Without forgetting anyone (I hope) I think the count is somewhere around 50! Yes, 50... and that only includes first cousins on my Mom's side! REALLY! 

So now that I am older, and I have a little one of my own, I love to watch him hang out with his cousins. A few weeks ago, my little sister was in town and brought her kids by. We decided to take the kids to the park to feed the ducks. They were in heaven. This layout was completed to document this little outing. 

The title came from her son, Tristan. He loves ducks and has pestered his mom every since this trip to go see the "wack wacks". I don't know is she will ever forgive me... he asks repeatedly on a daily basis! 
I haven't finished the journaling yet, but I think I will hide it anyway, so the layout won't change. I have some other photo's that I am trying to get scrapped of Matteo and his cousins playing with the Harry Potter glasses. I will try to finish that up and get it posted. 

Have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by. 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

One of those days...

It seems like the last few months have been "one of THOSE days". I don't even know how it all got away from me, but it did. I really haven't been scrappy... or even crafty for that matter in a while. Work is crazy, but summer is just around the corner. Aha, I can't wait for summer. 

Matteo has been unbelievably TWO. He turned two last month, and boy oh boy is he pushing my buttons. He knows where they all are too. If he wasn't so cute...

Easter was fun this year. Matteo actually knew what to do. I loved his Easter outfit this year, it was actually the same one that he wore for his Birthday.

He is so cute... even when he is eating bubbles. Yes, I said eating bubbles. This is his new favorite game. Making the bubbles (and a big mess) in the sink. You know, "wash hands" time. Then... in the mouth. You would think that he would hate the taste, but no... he just keeps eating. 

As for this picture, well, he just looks so big. Such a little man. Isn't he cute?

Okay, so I have been wanting to get some layouts up too. That is another thing, our cable/Internet has been just as terrible as Matteo. It only works sporadically, you know, when I want it to. Ugh! But it is up now, so I will share some layouts that I have gotten finished over the last few months. 

This layout was made with the new line from Fancy Pants. These pictures are from the water park last summer. I love the sweet soft summer colors of this line. It has some nice bold colors as part of the line too, but I stuck with the softer side of it. 

This one was made with Daisy Bucket paper. I love the little monsters on it. And as I have a little monster right now, it was too fitting. 

For this one, I don't have the pictures printed yet. I am going to put some pictures of Matteo in his little g running outside. I love the orange it these papers. 

And lastly, but not least. This is one that I did with the Valentines Day line from Making Memories. I have had this picture forever, but just couldn't scrap it. Now that I did, I love it even more. 

Well that's it for today... I guess tonight. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great night.