Saturday, May 28, 2011

I love this kid

The weather here keeps teasing us... maybe it will get warm, maybe not. Right now it is not. I am so ready for summer right now. Actually, I would be happy with some spring! But alas it is yucky cold and raining outside instead.

The other day, when it was warm outside, Matteo was outside hanging with Daddy while Mama was taking care of the babies. He came inside to give me this pretty little blossom that he had found outside. It immediately melted my heart. What a sweet little guy. So, I rush to take his picture, because of course he is just so lovable and sweet at this moment. Then I hug him tight and tell him that I love him so much and that he is such a kind boy. To this he replies, "Okay mom (which I hate when he calls me mom... he's to little to call me mom! It's mama please)... Okay mom, can I stomp on it now?"
What!?! Yes that is the same sweet, kind boy I was talking about earlier. Oh, how I love this kid. :)

On a scrappy note, here are the layouts for a class that I taught today up at Scrapbook Paradise.
Sorry for the spotty photos, as mentioned above, the weather here is so not conducive for good bright photos.

The first one is of my girls, as they are right now... chunky, moving, lovable, and oh so happy. I love the photo of them playing in the kitchen with the cups and plates. It is one of their favorite things to do right now. I love how happy they are. (don't mind the little water spot by the star. like I said, it's raining right now. :)

Here's a close up.

This next one is of the girls too, but they were so little then. It's actually funny, because they weren't that tiny in comparison to when I brought them home, but in comparison to now, they were so little. It is so much fun to see them grow and learn. It truly is a blessing.

I had a close up of this one, but it seems to have been lost somewhere in my computer. Sorry about that. I am actually having some issues with photoshop. My dear hubby decided to "clean up" the computer and now I can no longer browse in bridge when using photoshop. I can't even find bridge actually. If anyone knows a solution, I would love to hear it.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend.

Friday, May 20, 2011

It's been too long...

It has been too long since I have been blogging.

I have to say that I really do miss you dear blog. I know that that I don't have a ton of readers, but something about this blog is therapeutic for me. I have taken a long break, honestly, too long. I have just been so darn busy. But, I am ready to get back the little pieces of me that have been put on the shelf so I can attend to and take care of my littles.

Oh, those littles. They are getting so big. Matteo just turned 4 (April)...

The girls are now 9 months. It is flying bye.



But now, I am ready to focus on me. I am scrapping a little bit more. I have started walking and taking a pilates class (which I love)... and I am going to start blogging again. I can't promise I will be super regular yet, but I am going to try. For Me.

And just because... here are a few recent layouts that I finished up. These are all made from the Green Tangerines Kit Club (March, April, May 2011).

Thanks for stopping bye. Have a wonderful day.