Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cards, Cards, Cards. . .

Finally I have the pictures of the cards that we made in my first card class last night. The cards were up at the store, so I did not have access to them for photos. They aren't great photos, but you'll get the picture. Here they are. . .

This one is a flat card with a little top card. Just a fun little twist.

This one opens up for sending photos. Everyone wants pictures during the holidays.

There were 12 cards in all. I am going to do this again next month and also in December. You can find out when by checking out the calendar at Scrapbook Atelier.

Later today, I think we are going to try to take Matteo to the pumpkin patch, so hopefully, I should get some good shots. I will try to post them tomorrow, but I have a class again, so maybe on Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great night!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

quick quick. . .

Today I stayed home. Sent Matteo to the babysitter and got some R & R. I feel so much better tonight. I woke up this morning to a wrong number at 6:00ish! Who calls people at that time? If you do, make sure you have the right number!

So, needless to say, I felt like I had lead in my eyelids this morning. It felt really good to nap. As promised, I have some pictures for you today.

These are from my hubby, although he says that Matteo picked them out.

Here is an up close shot. Can you believe the colors? They are amazing.

These came from my Mom and Dad. I love Lily's and this color is so unusual. I love them.

And for some scrappy stuff. . . Here is a sneak from my circle journal for last month. I was so busy that I got a bit behind. It is out of my hands now though, and that feels good.

And this is a Christmas card that will be part of my upcoming card class. I really am liking making cards. It is so super fast and I always feel like I got something done. The tree opens up so you can write your message in it.

Thanks for stopping in tonight. I know I always post late, but it is the only time that I don't have someone else to take care of. Have a great night.

Monday, October 20, 2008

32. . .

Yes, today I am 32, and I have to say, it feels just like another day. Oh yes, except Matteo decided to wake me up at 5:00am and refused to go back to sleep! Did I mention that I was up till about 1:00am before that? Sometimes! I did receive some beautiful flowers from my parents and my dear hubby. He says Matteo picked them out. Too cute. I will post pictures tomorrow, when I can take a shot in the natural light.

So, since it is my birthday, I thought it would be nice to post a few random things about me today. Here it goes.

1. I don't eat beef or pork or anything on the bone. . . pretty much white boneless skinless chicken and turkey or fish only
2. I hate cooked Salmon, but raw, it is my favorite sushi
3. I twirl my hair. . . constantly
4. I love to read, but never have time to do so anymore
5. I have over 50 first cousins. . . and no not step or half. . . 40+ on my Mom's side alone
6. My first memory is being stuck in a bright pink bathroom and not being able to get out (true story)
7. I always wished my name was Alex
8. I never had a fake ID. . . growing up in Nevada. . . this is a oddity
9. I secretly want twins
10. I bite and pick at my cuticles. . . yuck!

Now you know a bit more random facts about me. I hope you have a great day. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Card-A-Licious. . .

I was fiddling around on the computer today and I found this new blog. I am super excited about it too. I have recently found a new love for cards. I don't know why, but I have begun to find them very inspiring and fun to make. I think it may be because they are typically pretty quick. When I finish a card I feel like I have accomplished something, even if I only had 10 minutes. I can never do that with a layout. I am, most undoubtedly, the worlds slowest scrapper! Seriously.

So, I thought that I would post a few cards that meet the requirement for their challenge. Here are a few of the Halloween cards that I have done recently.

It is a bit hard to tell, but this one opens up and there is a pocket inside to put pictures in. I could not get a good shot of it though. I love the little trick or treaters on this stamp. It is from Inkadinkado. They are a newly found stamp company for me, and I really like them.

These stamps are from my favorite stamping company, Hero Arts. I love them, both wood mounted and acrylic equally. Both kinds have their purposes. I find that I use more acrylic stamps on my scrapbook pages, and the wooden on my cards.

This one too is from Inkadinkado. This is one of my favorite Halloween stamps. The moon and the cat are so spooky, but in a very cute and animated way. I just added a bit of glitter to give her some oomph. I actually used this stamp to make the moon in the first card. So cute.

Anyway, check out Card-A-Licious. I think it will be a whole lot of fun in the upcoming months.
Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Has it really been that long. . .

It is amazing how time flies these days. Since I went back to work full time, it seems like I don't have any time! Apparently I don't, as I have been neglecting my blog, in a very serious way. I will try to be better. Promise. ;)

So, here are some of the layouts that I will be using for the class this month.

For this one, I used all Basic Grey. I love them. I don't think that they have ever made something I just don't love.

For this one, I used some of the Scenic Route paper, Prima flowers, buttons, and Jenni Bowlin accessories. I love that Kraft. Oh yes, some Heidi Swapp too.

For the last one, I used all K&Co. papers. Old ones, but boy are they cute! I love the little trick or treaters.

I also am going to be doing a card class, and here are a few of the cards that will be included in that class. Okay, so my camera and I are fighting, and guess who won. Yeah, not me. So I will try to get some photos uploaded this week of the cards.

This weekend I went to Sacramento with my Mom and my Aunt Kathy. Oh yes, Matteo too. He was a little rocks star! So good the whole trip. Anyway, we went for the scrapbook convention. We did no crop, just shopped. I have to say that I did really good. . . didn't spend too much. However, on the way back to Reno, we stopped at Green Tangerines. That place is AWESOME! Seriously! It is so organized and clean and new and fun! Love it. If you ever get a chance to stop in there, do so! Very fun. Not so good there! (money wise)

And since I don't have the card photos, I will leave you with a picture of one of my dahlias from the garden. This one just bloomed before the freeze killed them all last week. Boy they were pretty.
Thanks for stopping by.