Tuesday, October 21, 2008

quick quick. . .

Today I stayed home. Sent Matteo to the babysitter and got some R & R. I feel so much better tonight. I woke up this morning to a wrong number at 6:00ish! Who calls people at that time? If you do, make sure you have the right number!

So, needless to say, I felt like I had lead in my eyelids this morning. It felt really good to nap. As promised, I have some pictures for you today.

These are from my hubby, although he says that Matteo picked them out.

Here is an up close shot. Can you believe the colors? They are amazing.

These came from my Mom and Dad. I love Lily's and this color is so unusual. I love them.

And for some scrappy stuff. . . Here is a sneak from my circle journal for last month. I was so busy that I got a bit behind. It is out of my hands now though, and that feels good.

And this is a Christmas card that will be part of my upcoming card class. I really am liking making cards. It is so super fast and I always feel like I got something done. The tree opens up so you can write your message in it.

Thanks for stopping in tonight. I know I always post late, but it is the only time that I don't have someone else to take care of. Have a great night.


Amy Christine said...

it's good to see you blogging again. :]

i love the cards and the flowers... both are gorgeous!
i hope you had a great birthday, aside from not getting to sleep much.

here's a card challenge blog that i've had bookmarked for ages although i haven't checked it in a long time... your post reminded me that it was in my bookmarks, so i thought i'd share the link:

oh and if you ever want to make a trip to green tangerines, i'm game. isn't it fabulous!? i wish it was just a little bit closer, although i'd probably be even more overboard on my out of control stash if that were the case. ha.

Tricia said...

oh yum, love that SB coffee.
That tree card is adorable! How clever!!!! THose flowers are stunning!