Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Today I am waiting for the Heat God... Oh, I mean the heater guy. I am really ready to freeze right now. Last Thursday, I was hanging out with the little guy, and all of the sudden the heater kicked on... no biggie right? Matteo came running in the room saying "yucky noise mama, yucky noise" So, I go see what he is talking about. It's the heater. I figure, Daddy forgot to change the filter, no problem. He can fix it when he gets home. I turn off the heater and wait for him to get home. This was around 4:00pm. Dad gets home about 11:30pm, and by now, it is pretty cold. He takes a look at it and says, "It's not the filter".

Problem #1 The temperature in Reno hasn't been above 50 for the high and is floating in the 20's for the low. Dad runs to Wal-Mart and grabs two space heaters for the night. (We don't want to pay double for the heater guy at midnight)

The next day, I cancel my work appointments and stay home for the heater guy. I hate doing this because I never know what they are talking about. It is like taking the car to get something fixed. I would just rather Dad do it. Well, the heater guy comes out and takes a look.

Problem #2 He says, good thing you didn't run it last night because the part that is broken filters the Carbon Monoxide out of your house. OMG! If I would have run it anyway, our house would have filled with Carbon Monoxide.... Poisonous Gas! *** Thank you guardian angles***

Problem #3 The part... the lovely part... is on order, and won't be here until Tuesday. Yes, that is 6 days without heat!

Problem #4 The temperatures here are dropping low, the nights haven't gotten out of the 20's since the heater broke, and the highs are only around 50 degrees. Yikes. So, Literally, it is freezing around here!

But today is Tuesday, and I am waiting for my heater god to come warm me up! Please get here soon.

On a good note. Completely unrelated, I do have a few layouts to share. The first one doesn't have photos in it, because I am going to take ones at Thanksgiving of my family drawing names for Christmas. We do this every year because our family is huge. I think that there is 16 of us that will be drawing names this year. I will post a picture of it when it is done too, but I wanted to get it up for those of you that have kits and need a picture.

This is a close up of the stamp that I used from Studio Calico. I had a hard time getting it just right, so I used a white gel pen to make the word "Tradition" show up better.

The next one is a layout that Matteo "helped" me with. I took these photos at the park right before sunset, and the lighting was amazing. This photo just doesn't do them justice. The oranges and reds are so bold and brilliant. I just loved how they turned out.

Here is a close up of the title. I used a wood grain stamp as the background for the this part and then stamped a tree on top of the wood grain. I used stickles and glossy accents to make the tree pop out.
Here is another close up of the layout. This green ink is where Matteo "helped" me stamp. At first I was going to take it apart and use a new piece of cardstock, but he was so proud that he "stamped like mama" that I just left it. At least he picked a coordinating color right? Laugh.

This last layout was one that I made for a kit for Scrapbook Paradise. It was for their Home for the Holidays event. So much fun. I used Bo Bunny paper, which surprisingly was perfect for these pictures. Very festive.
Here's a few close ups.

I ended up loving this layout. I have wanted to use these photos for a while and haven't felt I had the right paper, so I am glad to have them down and documented. Christmas is such a fun time of year around here.

Speaking of Christmas, I am plugging along with the December Daily this year. I am almost finished with the "shell" of the album. I will take photos and get them up.... it's just around the corner! Ack! Well, Thanks for stopping by. I will get those other photos up this week. Have a great day.


Denise said...

Excellent layouts! I really like how you pre-planned your Thanksgiving layout, so all you have to do it add photos.

I hope the heater god showed up. It sound like your heat exchanger went. Yikes...good thing you turned it off!

Nicole said...

your multi photo layouts are GORGEOUS...that's a skill i just can't seem to grasp!! :)

:: gingerkitty :: said...