Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall is here. . .

The unmistakable signs are all around me. When I can see the tree house, I know that the days of warm sunshine and open toe shoes are behind me for the year.

All of the apples have fallen on the ground. Now there is more on the ground than on the tree.

The leaves have collected in patches all over the yard, and more than I would like, by the back door. This provides a great opportunity for the dogs to drag them all over the house.

But, as I saw today, there is a tiny ray of spring holding on in my front yard. Isn't she beautiful?

Aah, it just bloomed yesterday! So lovely. I don't think it will make it past this week, so I think I may cut it and bring it inside.

Okay, enough of my whoes about Fall. I do love the color changes and the multiple cups of hot coco and tea, but I hate being cold.

One other thing that I love is Halloween. I haven't printed any pictures yet, but this is one of my favorites from this year. Matteo was the cutest little dinosaur! And that cute little monkey is my darling nephew, Tristen.

I will post more later. I have some darling shots this year, and I am working on a few layouts. Thanks for stopping in. Have a great night.


Nicole said...

those costumes are too dang cute, and i LOVE fall, lol!!


laverneboese said...

I'm so jealous that you're actually experiencing Fall where you live. It's still hot here in Miami :( Can't wait to see your Halloween pics and layouts!