Friday, February 6, 2009

Blogger... uhggg!

I have to apologize for this. I have been trying to upload some photos for a few days, and I am having no luck. We just bought a new computer (MAC) so I am wondering if this may be the problem. I don't know what to do about it. I am going to keep trying, so I guess I will be working on my patience for a few too... 

Yeah!!! Finally! Here are a the layouts for those of you who too my c
lass last month. 

The first one, "One Happy Boy" uses Cosmo Cricket's Jack's World line. I loved this line. It totally screamed boy to me. Sorry that some of the details are hard to see. The sun's rays are stitched with embroidery thread. There will be pictures of my little one with all his "guys" in this layout. He has about 25 stuffed animals that he has to have with him at all times. This is of course in addition to his blankets. Yes, blankets is plural too! 

So the next layout is for those snowy days, when you get to get out and play like you are still a child. We definitely have a few of those in our household, if it is only at heart. Unfortunately, we haven't had many snow days here this year. Maybe on Monday... or so the weather man says. We'll see about that. 

The last one was completed with one of my absolute favorite companies. I used mostly October afternoon products on this one. I will put some photos of my little guy in it in his Christmas pj's. They were red with little sock monkeys on them. He was so cute! 

This is just a cute shot of him drinking Mommy's water. He has his own sippy on the floor below him... you know right where he through it at me when he wanted my water. ha 
Oh well,  so super cute anyways.

Oh yeah, just a quick question... what do you think about his hair. My family is giving me a hard time about cutting it, but I just love those blond curls. I can't bring myself to do it! Let me know your thoughts on the subject. Thanks for stopping by. 


Amy Christine said...

i like his hair. :] i think he's at the age where he can pull off those curls.

sometimes blogger doesn't let me upload photos too. i think at certain times the system just gets too busy or something. here's my process from my mac:

1. i upload all my photos into iphoto. then if needed, i crop them into whatever size they need to be. i love the red eye removal tool in iphoto as well. i've heard that it works as well as photoshop, and it takes much less time. i don't do much other editing except maybe a conversion to b&w or a little color adjustment if i'm feeling ambitious. ha.

2. when the photo is fixed to my liking, and i want to put it on the blog, i export it to my desktop. once you click "export" [it should be under the "file" tab at the top] a box pops up with the option to reduce the size of the image. if i'm putting it on the blog, i generally reduce it to 1/4 of the original size. this helps them upload so much faster, and they still look fine. for example, if the photo is 4000 x 3000, just type 1000 into the box where 4000 was and let it do the math for the other number. :] i hope that makes a little bit of sense! i also give the photo a name i will recognize when that box pops up too, something like "hair chopper layout" haha.

3. now i just upload the photo onto blogger from the desktop. once the blog is published, i usually throw away the copy of the photo that is on the desktop, just so i don't take up extra space on there, since it's in iphoto anyway.

maybe something i just wrote will help you a bit. if you have other questions about how to do something, just let me know. :]

Close To Home said...

my son philip had the same hair when he was little...up until he was maybe 2 years? i loved it and miss it. i wish i had never cut it! the blonde curls are just precious...i now only have photos to savor! :) advice..who cares what they think and keep the hair!!!

lovely pages you've shared....those pjs sound TOO CUTE! i love monkey stuff!

Helsbells said...

I love his hair. My little girl had blond curly locks that were a bit wild and I kept getting asked when I was having her hair cut but I just loved how it looked.

He'll only be little for such a short time that I would keep it and enjoy it :)

He is a very cute little man!