Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gratitude: Day 2


I know that Silence is something that many often find awkward, but for me... I love the sound of it. I don't have much silence in my life right now.

My day is full of:
Crying babies
Hungry babies and a 3 year old
Barking dogs
Phones ringing (so grateful that the election is over on this front)
Games playing
Movies going
Doorbell ringing
My car is full of requests:
"I want to watch a movie"
"I want to listen to my music"
"Mommy, can we go eat at Miss Donald's (McDonald's... I just can't seem to correct that one, I just love it :)
"Mommy, I want some of YOUR water"
"I can't reach it"
"Mommy, I need help"
...it goes on and on...

So, when I have a moment of pure silence, I revel in it. I take the time to hear my own breath as it comes in and out of my body, listen to the sound of the heater as it warms my house, and sometimes if I am really lucky, I can feel the heart beat of one of my precious babies as she sleeps on my chest.

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Zorina said...

yea, same here thank G elections are over...no more phone ringings that sometimes woke up the baby in the house.