Saturday, August 9, 2008

Flea Market Finds...

I got up way to early for a Saturday, but it turned out to be completely worth it. After reading how all of the gals over at Studio Calico have this incredible nak for finding wonderful treasures at their local flea markets, I did some researching and found one locally here too. There is only one that I could find for Reno, so I decided to give it a try. I talked my girlfriend, Ashley into going with me. So, I got up and met her at the coffee shop at 6:30am. When I was looking on-line, it stated that the market opened up at 6:00am, so I figured that 6:30 would be fine.

We purchased our coffee, and headed out. Come to find out that the information on-line was wrong! It didn't open until 8:00, so we had over an hour to kill. We decided to go for a walk around the marina in Sparks. This was actually a great way to begin the morning. I really enjoyed the cool breeze and warm coffee.

Finally, when we got back to the flea market, it was open, but there was still a ton of people setting up their booths. We walked around for a while, just checking everything out. We stayed for about 2 hours, and in the end we found some great finds.

This is what I got. . .
An amazing stash of acrylic thread. I can't wait to sew on some of my layouts with this. It is a bit thicker than embroidery floss and it is sorta hairy, so the texture is different. I got a steal of a deal for . . . $3.00.

I am going to wash up this basket and take the silk flowers off of it. Then I am going to put all of that cool thread in it for storage. This. . . $0.50
This ribbon was hiding in a huge bin. I found though. It has 40 yards on it, and it was $2.00. On the way home I stopped at the WARC, they were having a 50% off sale, and I got that orange ribbon for $0.25. It says that there is 50 yards on it, but I think it is probably about 30 yards now. . . wow, what a deal!

I also found this window planter. It is really dirty, but once it is cleaned up, I think it will be great. I love the mirror in it. I think I am going to hang it on the fence out in the backyard. This baby was a measly $2.00!

And for my favorite find of the day. . . I found this awesome iron chair. It is amazing! I can't decide if I am going to make it into a planter for the garden or if I want to clean it up and refurbish it for the house. It is actually really heavy, so I wouldn't be worried about the little one turning it over on himself. This my dears was. . . $6.00! Can you believe it!

So, I think I am officially hooked. I think I will become a regular at this! I am on a search for a big bin of buttons. One booth thought they had some, but couldn't find them! I was so bummed! I will try again next week!
So for the rest of the day, I am actually going to be pretty busy. My sister is coming into town this afternoon, so we will probably hang out. Then my girlfriend is getting to come home from a 2+ week stay at the hospital (Standford, CA). Her little one had some complications and needed to have heart surgery. He was born on July 27th, and he is being released today. He is doing wonderful! So, I will probably have to go see her and the little one. I am so glad that he is doing well, and can come home. Such a blessing! And then I am going out for "girls night" with another girlfriend. Kimmy and I try to have a "girls night" once a month. We missed it last month, so I am so stoked to have it this month. We are going to go to The Clay Canvas. It is a local pottery shop. We were going to have margarita's, but Kimmy thinks she may be pregnant, so no margarita's for us! Then tomorrow, we will be going to Yerington, for my nephews birthday party. So, it will actually be a busy weekend! I am sure I will have a ton of pictures for you by Monday!
Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!


laverneboese said...

Oh I'm so jealous! I haven't found a good flea market around here. I love that chair! I hope you redo it and bring it inside. Oh and your window planter is totally cool! Can't wait to see what you find next Saturday...hopefully a giant jar of buttons :)

Elisabeth said...

Oh wow, what awesome finds...That window planter is just adorable and that chair is stunning, I vote for redoing it for the home too!

Sharie said...

What fun finds! That chair looks so cool. Happy weekend.

aimee said...

you got some great goodies! you better post the after pics!

Amy Christine said...

great finds mandee! i didn't know we had a flea market around here. i heard there is an amazing one in california around rocklin though.

i love the clay canvas too. it's so relaxing to me to paint a piece... i could seriously do it for hours. have you ever made candles at flicker? i've been thinking about that.