Friday, August 8, 2008

A little late...

Okay, so I know that I was supposed to post the pictures of my "newest" layout on Thursday, but things got a bit out of control at my house. My Mom came over on Thursday afternoon, during Matteo's nap time. This, of course was when I was going to finish that layout. We started chatting about one of our bathrooms that we have been contemplating re-doing, and well... we started to rip it apart. It has old wallpaper on the walls. I was not looking forward to ripping down, but once you get going, it wasn't all that bad. We didn't finish, but we made a good dent. So that took up all my time on Thursday. Today, I haven't been feeling all that great. Actually, I haven't been feeling good since about 12:00am last night. I think I may have a stomach bug or something. Let me tell you, it is no fun!

So, now that he is asleep, I have a second. So here is the layout.

These are pictures from the Fourth of July up at Lake Tahoe. It is so amazing up there.

Here's a better look at the title. I used Heidi Swapp clear letters. I liked this because Tahoe is the most amazing crystal clear lake. It is absolutely amazing.

I also used a whole package of rub-ons. This is a first for me. Typically, I hate rub-ons, but I love how this turned out. I staggered them down the right side of the 5 by 7 photo. I also punched out a circle on the portrait picture on the right side of the layout and used a rub-on there.

For the journaling, I used a Technique Tuesday stamp. It flowed like the flag in the wind. I also used a ton of bling. I love it when I can use rhinestones on Matteo's layouts. I love bling. (I not so secretly want a little girl very badly) ;)

So there it is. I will take pictures of the bathroom and post them too. This is for Yo. She is dying to see it. I don't really have a "before" picture, as I already started, but I will show you what it looks like now. It is far from finished!
Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!


Amy Christine said...

looks great mandee!

i think using the whole pack of rubons (or any embellishment really) is a good strategy to reduce the stash... i should try it more often. :]

Kelly said...

What a gorgeous layout Mandee!!

Hope you have a great weekend

Kelly xxx

Denise said...

Great layout! I am into using whole packages of rub ons lately, too. I like the look.

Congrats on getting that re-do of the bathroom started. Starting for me is the hardest part!

Kristii said...

Such an awesome layout!!! I love it!! Good luck on the bathroom!! Have a great weekend!!

aimee said...

awesome layout!!!
i am a rub on junkie!