Friday, July 31, 2009

Hide and Go Poop...

This Tuesday, we started potty training. Well, it has been interesting. Matteo did fairly well the first day... for the most part. He only had one accident when I was home. I did have a class to do, so he was with Daddy during that time, and well, he pooped in his pants... twice!

So, day two... I left for a few hours... came home... he was in diapers. Dad says, he kept having accident. Really? So, back into the undies he goes. I put him on the potty, he goes! Yeah! Party and M&M's are enjoyed by all! Yeah! I kid you not... two seconds later, he poops in his pants! Ugh! Then we are playing and what do I hear... "Mommy, pee pee pants." Yes, in the undies. And of course it is in the one room in our house that has carpet! So, I go clean it up, and as I am scrubbing the carpet... "Mommy, poo poo pants... yucky butt." REALLY! Yep it's poo poo butt time. Now let me tell you a little about poo poo but in undies. It is NOT like poo poo in a diaper. When you pull the undies down... everything slides along with them... and I mean everything!

Day three... lots of peeing in his undies. He loves his undies, but keeps peeing in them. So, we are washing a lot! And this is where the game began. I noticed him hiding over behind the shed. You guessed it! He was pooping. So, what do I do? I run to get him... of course! Run to the potty, pull down the undies and the poop is still coming out of the butt! Yuck!
I put him on the potty, and he refuses to go anymore! What? I know your not done. Not to mention that there is yuck everywhere! On his legs, on the floor, on his bum, in the undies... but no in the potty! Ugh!

So, now I have an eagle eye on him... no more hiding... I do not like Hide and Go Poop!

So, today we are on Day Four... only one accident so far. I gotta tell you, potty training is very humbling, not to mention frustrating and "yucky"

Onto another subject... I took this photo when we were camping. Actually, we were out walking by the ocean. It was so foggy that you really couldn't see much of the ocean, but it was absolutely breathtaking... the little that you could see.

This was also taken that day. It is actually one of my favorite photos of the trip.

I did this layout with it. I love how it turned out...

Well, that's all for me today, I have to go check on the little one, he has been with Daddy, and has since pee peed in his undies. Thanks for stopping by... have a great weekend!

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Zorina said...

That's a lovely LO and picture you took by the ocean. Awww!
Goodluck with the potty training project.. ;-)