Saturday, July 11, 2009

Quick Challenge...

Last night I was browsing the net looking at fun scrappy stuff, and I came across Aleida's Challenge. It really got me thinking. I miss her. I didn't know her personally, but I felt like I did know her. She was a regular on the Studio Calico boards, and I thoroughly enjoyed "interacting" with her through the site. Sometimes I just lurked and read her posts and sometimes I joined in, but it was always fun with Aleida around. So, I was thinking... yes, about her and her funny wit, charm, and wonderful ability to "say it as it is" without hurting your feelings and making you laugh at the same time. But also about how she always was encouraging us (women) to jump in the photo.

So, I thought I would do a challenge. This one is really easy... go and take a shot of you and your kids... or those you love and are scrapping about... today. Then in the next week, scrap it. Scrap about what he/she/they mean to you, how you cherish "this" moment in time with them, what you wish for them, how they make your world in the little ways.... whatever comes to mind. Then link your page to my blog, and I will send out a prize. I am thinking that it will be something fun. I haven't quite thought of it yet, but I promise it will be good. :]

I read about Aleida's challenge last night, so I ran straight from my computer and had my hubby take this shot. I will use this photo.

I will scrap it and post it here. I probably won't get this scrapped until next Friday... July 17th because we are leaving for Disneyland tomorrow morning. So I am thinking that you have until July 20th to get yours done and link it here for the contest. Good luck and get crackin!


Ally said...

I feel like I scrap about myself too much LOL. But it's a good reminder to scrap your thoughts and feelings, not just the events themselves! Great challenge!

Amy Coose said...

What a cute pic of you and your boy!!! I was working on my circle journal tha I am in with Aleida, and just remembering how fabulous she was. Still can't believe she's gone. ): I love your challenge, and I'm going to see what I can do!

stephanie howell said...

you guys are beautiful.
love this idea. xo

aimee said...

what a wonderful thing you reminded me of...aleida said on her blog and an email to me "step out of your box"
thanks for the reminder!
will try to work on something :)