Thursday, July 3, 2008

Officially Blogging...

Okay, so it's official. My very first post. I have a secret ambition to get published and I thought this would be a good step in helping me figure out how to work this whole computer, picture, camera, cutting, uploading.... crap! I am so horrible at this computer stuff! Anyway, hopefully, I will get better.

So, as it is the fourth of July weekend, lets start by saying.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!
We... Matteo and I... will be going up to Tahoe tomorrow... Daddy has to work ;(
My family rented a condo and I am so super excited for Matteo to see the fireworks. I hope the loudness doesn't scare him. He has the cutest little red, white, and blue outfit... I can't wait to take pictures. I will post some by Saturday. This will also be his first trip to the Lake. I can't wait!

Whew... okay, so now that it's official... if you find me slacking... pester me... I promise I won't mind. Have a great day!


moonlightgrrl said...

congrats on the new blog and welcome to the SC family!

laverneboese said...

Yea!!!! Congrats on starting you blog! I must warn you...having a blog is like having an additional child--it is very high-maintenance at times! Mine has been neglected often!!! I'm adding you to my google reader, so I'll be stalking you :)