Thursday, July 10, 2008

OMG I can't wait...

So I was checking some new blogs out while Matteo is napping, and I think I am in love. Maybe it is because we are going camping tomorrow, or maybe because I absolutely LOVE Halloween, but the new Cosmo Cricket lines for the fall are to die for. They are so stinkin' cute... not too girly, just too stinkin' cute. Here are a few pictures...

Isn't this the cutest paper ever! Love the blackboard and the tags. Oh, and isn't that wood grain paper so stinking cute. I can just picture Matteo in the woods in these papers.

Another line coming out is for Halloween. Here are a few peeks at it!

I love this stuff! I am oh too excited. There is more too, so if you want to see it all, here is the link. Anyway, just wanted to give you a peek at some of my "new" favorites. I am off to see if I can't find more :)
I won't be around till Monday, as we are leaving tomorrow to go camping. Hopefully, I will have some cute pictures for you when I get back... and NO bears!

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Amy Christine said...

i hadn't seen these yet Mandee... so cute. i love love love the camping collection. :]

enjoy your trip... i'm sure it will result in some beautiful photos!