Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve. . .

I think I am having a really hard time this year. I feel so pressured to get it all done. Whatever that means. I am looking forward to tomorrow, and it finally being over. Isn't that sad? I need to step back and remember what this time of year is really all about. I need to remember it is about Family, about sharing time and making memories. I need to say "who cares" and "it's perfect". . . and mean it. I know all of this, but right now it seems like such a hard thing to do. Why is that?

I feel like I KNOW what I am supposed to do. I know that I am supposed to enjoy all of this, but it is just so stressful, and at the end of the day when it is not all done the way I wanted it to be, I feel like I have failed. But who? Who have I failed? Myself. The truth is that no one else cares, no else notices that the little stuff is done or not done, just me. So I need to step back, relax, and let it all go. I think this is my Type A coming through.

So, I am going to go relax, drink some tea, and just relax. I know that there are others of "us" out there, that must be feeling the same way, and honestly, I really did not want this to be my post for Christmas Eve, but I do feel better now that I have "said" something. So, I will leave you with some pictures of my family. Looking at these photos does cheer me up a bit. These are from our family photo shoot earlier this month.

This is the three of us, hanging out on a park bench.

These are my little one. I love his blond curls and dimples.

And him climbing in the trees. Daddy was actually holding on to his pants.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my rant. Sometimes you just have to vent. Have a wonderful Christmas / Hanukkah / Holiday!

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*Paula* said...

YOu are a beautiful family! Merry Christmas -- I can relate to your thoughts but sometimes we just can't help them :) Hugs and happy thoughts!