Saturday, June 6, 2009

New List...

Okay, so I am a list girl. I make lists for everything, except the grocery store (which of course makes no sense what-so-ever!) Anyway, now that Summer is here, I have a ton of things that I want to do. So I thought that a great way to get them done would be to make a list. Here are a few things that I want to get done this Summer. 

1. Begin taking Matteo to Toddler Story time at the local library. (We have gone before, and he loved it.)
2. Finish the back-yard. Once it stops raining. We are almost at the 100 year record around here. I think it was set back in 1912 for 12 consecutive days of measurable precipitation. 
3. Take a Photoshop class. I finally have the program, but I have no idea how to use it! :(
4. Walk more
5. Along with #4... loose the last bit of baby weight that keeps hanging on.
6. Finish organizing my scrap space. It is crazy, I got a good jump on it, and then I just stopped. I think I got so busy, that it just got sidelined. 
7. Read more. I enjoy this so much, but it too takes time. 
8. Scrap more. 
9. Take a photography class. The girls at Studio Calico have been talking about a few lately, so I might have to sign up for one of those. 
10. Spend more time with the hubby. It seems like life just gets so busy sometimes that there just isn't enough time and before you know it, it's midnight! 
11. Get the garden in the ground. Right now I have a pot garden. It works, but I want it in the ground. 
12. Clean my car! I mean really clean my car. It is a disaster! It needs to be cleaned on the inside and the outside. Can you say "yuck"?
13. Cook more at home. I don't do this nearly enough. Sometimes it just seems pointless because my DH is always working and it is just me and Matteo. 
14. Get my stack of layouts in albums. I think I must have 30 layouts in a stack on the side of my desk. They are in desperate need of a page protector. 
15. Go camping. We did this last year when Matteo had just turned 1, and he loved it. It is such a fun and inexpensive way to spend some "quality" time together. 

So, just a few things to get me started. What do you have planned for this Summer? Anyone have any suggestions for my list? I would love to hear some. Let me know. 

And as always, Thanks for stopping by. 

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