Sunday, June 28, 2009

No catchy title today...

So, not much is happening today that gives me a fun and catchy title use, so that becomes the title. heehee... Dad went to play Soccer this morning, but we (or I) decided to stay home as it is so stinking hot here. We are supposed to be 98 degrees today. I am missing our Spring, mainly because we didn't really have one this year. We went from rain, rain, rain to hot as H@*# in a week. And we don't get rain here! This is Nevada Ms. Mother Nature! Oh well, Summer is here and going strong now.

So here is a layout that I did a while back, but I don't think that I ever posted it. I love these pictures of Matteo. I think they are actually from last year about this time. This is when his love for balls began. They make him so happy. It really doesn't matter if they are Soccer, Tennis, Basket, or Baseballs, he loves them. He is really into Baseball right now. We are going to a game later on, which he will love. He has been talking about it since the last game (about 2 weeks ago). He keeps saying, "Baseball game morrow". So stinking cute. Anyway, here is the layout.

Here is a close up of the title. I used a pen to give the Thickers a little personality.

And then I mirrored the "dot-dash" look around the scallops from the Thickers.

On another note, we have been doing a ton of yard work lately, and Matteo is quite the little helper. Here is a second layout showing him "helping" Daddy.

I love this stamp. It is such a fun way to document the little things that we... (I) so easily forget at the milestones in his life.

And a quick shot at the title. I love these Ali Edwards stamps. They are great ways to add a little "hand written" touch to a title.

Well that's all for today. Maybe I will finish this layout that I am working on and show it tomorrow. And I will try to get a cute shot of the boys at the game tonight. As always, Thanks for stopping by.

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Sharie said...

Such fun layouts - I really like your dashes & dots! You're right, today's a perfect day to be indoors enjoying the a/c. Have a great week!